Ze Frank is so bad, he’s good.

(better than good, he’s the best!)

As you read this blog I feel I should state that although my books are for children, I don’t expect them to be my blog audience. This blog is for the parents. It’s not always innocent. With that out of the way….

No matter how hard my day gets, watching a Ze Frank video makes everything better. 

Every video is so mind-bogglingly informative, while also having you rolling on the ground laughing (in the way you wish you actually were when you text ROFL to your bestie). 

But if you’ve just crawled out from under a rock and have no idea who this guy is, it’s vital that I give you a huge heads up: Don’t play his videos when the kids are in the room. Or if you are sensitive to things like mildly crude humor and soft “language”- AKA words you shouldn’t use until upper elementary (or was I a fast developer?). Otherwise, if like me, you are a fun loving parent raising great kids, his videos are definitely for you. 

This video was one I wanted to share with you – not because it’s his funniest, it really isn’t – but owing to the fact that I am currently drumming up support for my upcoming book The Day of the Ants, and this video is about…you guessed it – ants, I figured I’d share the love that is Ze Frank. You’re welcome.



Can Ants Shrink and Regrow Their Brains? — Plant Science by Atrimed

For most ant colonies, there is a simple hierarchy: a single queen lays all the eggs, and a caste system of workers manages everything else – food gathering, baby ants, war, etc. The rest of the ants are sterile, only males & queens can reproduce. The colony normally dies when the Queen dies. The Indian […]

Can Ants Shrink and Regrow Their Brains? — Plant Science by Atrimed

A little something to brighten the day

When this “Friends Furever” video first came out, I watched it on loop. When I feel like reassuring myself that the world really is as amazing as I think, I find myself searching out this old and true comforter. I hope your day is bright and inspired!


Now I get it!

As I throw back the covers and plop onto the mattress I suddenly realize something very important. One of the reasons I get so little done each day is because I am so absolutely amazed by all the beauty this world has on display. Seriously. Today I spent 5 minutes just looking at a jumping spider. Their little white spots, their erratic but graceful movements, it’s just mesmerizing. Everyday something happens that is so beautiful, I am lost in thought for eons after. So if it takes me forever to get anything done – blog, updates, new books, now you know why. It’s not my fault this world is so amazing.


Trying To Wake Up The Writer

After staring at nothing for 15 minutes, my mind is worried about the condition of the houseplants and did I buy any bleach this week? I should just go check real quick…

Kant’s Thought Experiment (writers learning about their characters)

Today I want to talk super quick about Kant’s Axe, also known as the Inquiring Murderer.   Immanuel Kant believes that all moral judgments should be rationally supported: He is a moral absolutist: what is right is right, and what is wrong is wrong. There is no need to debate the scenario, because right and wrong…

A Vomitous Valentine’s

It was only two hours until my husband got home, I was out of the shower, pinning up my hair, and pulling something pretty from my closet. Hello Valentine’s day! I’m thinking, I’m going to look sooo good while making a nice steak dinner.   15 minutes later, my hair’s not finished setting but I have…


Are we nearing our expiration date?  My sister reminded me of an argument we had when we were in our bar-hopping age. I had been influenced to believe democracy couldn’t  last beyond 250 years, she thought that was crazy talk.  Today she reminded me of that argument and says she sees how its possible for…


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So relieved!

Who here doesn’t check their email for long stretches? Common, raise your hands, I can’t be the only person who feels they are simply a catchall for spam.

Yes, that’s my excuse. I hadn’t checked my author email in six months. So when my publisher called me up to say they were finally ready to set a date for my latest children’s book (June 15th – just two weeks away!) I was jerked awake in a hurry (did I mention I had been sleeping when she called?? How professional: “Huh?” slurred into the phone).

It turns out she had been sending me email alerts for months:

“Artist is nearly finished!”

“Need your dedication!”

“Can you approve the proofs?”

“Hello? Are you getting my emails??”

She wised up and called me, and I began scrambling to catch up.

See, the book has been in the publisher’s hands since…well, it’s been a few years. The publication delays began with a need to switch the AWOL artist. Finding a replacement (the talented Nanda Sheehan) Took time, and then covid got nice and comfy with the world. Trips to Italy were canceled, groceries were ordered and left at doorsteps, and my publisher hunkered down as book sales dropped and toilet paper sales rose.

Fast-forward to my neglected email and that wake up call (literally!) I didn’t want to approve the proofs, I wanted a few changes made. Trying so hard not to come off like the bridezilla of the publishing world, I passed on 700 words of notes of a 600 word picture book. Yeah, I tried real hard!

But seriously, because I had been out of communication there was a lot I had to say. Sooooo…..to make a whiny story come to an end, I received a stay of execution. The book’s release date is now moved to a farther date and I can now go into the proper stages of panic as we get this book launched.

PS. You’re sure to love Nanda’s illustrations, they’re adorable!

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