Annie Harmon taking a selfie. Sadly, she does not include this incredible skill in her list of talents…

Annie Harmon prefers to speak pretentiously and refers to herself in third person. She does this quite successfully in Houston Texas, but assumes this success is due to the large number of crazies in the metropolises…which might be why she moved there after sampling so many of our beautiful states. Or maybe it was because her husband was transferred there- she’s heard it both ways.

She has one husband (the one who dragged her here), three children (who are each more beautiful than she could have hoped), and one dog (who is still trying to claim a spot as one of the above mentioned children). Annie is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

Her writing credits include a novel; several children’s books; ghostwriting several chapters of a nonfiction book alongside author and JFK expert, Robert Groden; and working with a publicist (along with illustrator Bill Meganhardt) to write a picture book for John Moore Home Services’s 50th anniversary. That was a huge event with a long convoy of John Moore trucks filled with the Buddy picture book and Buddy teddy bears to donate to children in impoverished schools. Fun, fun, fun!
I, er, Annie also worked as a collaborative writer for the series Of Words and Water; published a local magazine, Zine, – directed towards the literary encouragement of young people; contributed to the Sun News newspaper with a regularly published humor column on raising children, “Raising New Mexico”; and offered editorial assistance to the Tucson Parent Magazine (yes, the offer was accepted); and worked as a freelance writer for The Tribune.

Annie’s pet peeve: googling herself and finding two pages of Angie Harmon instead. Seriously, try it!

What Annie likes to do when not writing: carving wood on her lathe and watching her fat fantail goldfish in her small backyard pond.

Annie would love to be contacted for school visits either locally or via a video chat. She can be reached at readannieharmon@gmail.com. If, during communication, she actually speaks in the first person and says normalish things, please forgive this little idiosyncrasy; she’s still a pretty cool gal.

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