by Annie Harmon

Chapter book available in hardcover, paperback, eBook, and audiobook. Great for all ages, but made for 7-12.

Super Piggy

Oscar is a dog, but he knows this new potbelly pig is going to be his best friend for life. Sure, Piggy pees while he eats, he eats while he walks, and he walks into trouble on a daily basis, but Oscar will follow Piggy anywhere, even into a daring mission to protect the neighborhood pets from the violent stray that attacked Kitty Bear.

The Night Before

Picture book. A boy is being chased by a dragon. With a flair for suspense, he describes everything: “I could hear his scales rubbing as the dragon passed through, And smelled his breath stinking like a burnt rubber shoe.” It’s trickery and games until the boy is fooled into helping the dragon.

The Argument

Picture book. In this tall tale Old Max explains to Sarah that weather changes are caused by the Sun, Rain and Wind fighting each other as they strive to make thing grow tall, sprout, and spread. When he insists he actually heard this argument, and shares what transpired that day, Sarah doesn’t believe Old Max. But as the wind howls and the rain taunts, she begins to wonder if he might be telling the truth after all.

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