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UPDATE: because of covid restrictions, the small publisher who wanted to take a chance on The Day of the Ants had to release all authors and illustrators from their contracts. They have shut their doors. My heart hurts, but mine is only one in the sea of hurt this situation has caused. So, on that note, cheers to the world and the people who can remember their internal strength— and then stand back up for the next round of adventures.

Looking for a feel good book?

It doesn’t get much better than The Day of the Ants. You’ll have to bookmark it, though. The release date has moved from June 15th 2021 to an exciting TBD. Mark THAT on your calendar! Seriously, mark it. The TBD means the publisher is going the extra mile to make sure this book is everything you’d expect.

The Day of the Ant by Annie Harmon Illustrations by Nanda Sheehan

Book cover provided by the publisher MACLAREN-COCHRANE PUBLISHING, INC.. Adorable illustrations by Nanda Sheehan.

“Oh no!” Mother cries, “Now what have you done? With your bouncing and jumping and having your fun.” 

Why can’t Sally, Sue and Jake be like all the other ants and march in a straight line?

“You ants,” Mother says, 
“must learn to march straight, 
that’s what ants do from the start of daybreak. 
They march in straight lines, bringing food to the tree. 
If you can’t act like ants, then what will you be?” 

It is a simple fact that not everyone is the same and, as Mother Ant realizes of her three active children, their differences are what make them special.

What could make reading this book even more of a feel good read? Knowing it was set in dyslexic font.


Notice how this heading’s font made you look a little harder to read it? Fonts can be cute…but frustrating to the eye. Dyslexic font makes it easier to read for everyone, but for those who have difficulty keeping those letters marching in a plain, orderly line (reminds me of a certain group of ants…!) this font makes reading a pleasure. Whether you are the parent reading to your child, or the child reading to your parent, this book’s font will keep the fun in this important activity. To learn more about why this font is so special, click on the button below.

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