Ze Frank is so bad, he’s good.

(better than good, he’s the best!)

As you read this blog I feel I should state that although my books are for children, I don’t expect them to be my blog audience. This blog is for the parents. It’s not always innocent. With that out of the way….

No matter how hard my day gets, watching a Ze Frank video makes everything better. 

Every video is so mind-bogglingly informative, while also having you rolling on the ground laughing (in the way you wish you actually were when you text ROFL to your bestie). 

But if you’ve just crawled out from under a rock and have no idea who this guy is, it’s vital that I give you a huge heads up: Don’t play his videos when the kids are in the room. Or if you are sensitive to things like mildly crude humor and soft “language”- AKA words you shouldn’t use until upper elementary (or was I a fast developer?). Otherwise, if like me, you are a fun loving parent raising great kids, his videos are definitely for you. 

This video was one I wanted to share with you – not because it’s his funniest, it really isn’t – but owing to the fact that I am currently drumming up support for my upcoming book The Day of the Ants, and this video is about…you guessed it – ants, I figured I’d share the love that is Ze Frank. You’re welcome.



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