So relieved!

Who here doesn’t check their email for long stretches? Common, raise your hands, I can’t be the only person who feels they are simply a catchall for spam.

Yes, that’s my excuse. I hadn’t checked my author email in six months. So when my publisher called me up to say they were finally ready to set a date for my latest children’s book (June 15th – just two weeks away!) I was jerked awake in a hurry (did I mention I had been sleeping when she called?? How professional: “Huh?” slurred into the phone).

It turns out she had been sending me email alerts for months:

“Artist is nearly finished!”

“Need your dedication!”

“Can you approve the proofs?”

“Hello? Are you getting my emails??”

She wised up and called me, and I began scrambling to catch up.

See, the book has been in the publisher’s hands since…well, it’s been a few years. The publication delays began with a need to switch the AWOL artist. Finding a replacement (the talented Nanda Sheehan) Took time, and then covid got nice and comfy with the world. Trips to Italy were canceled, groceries were ordered and left at doorsteps, and my publisher hunkered down as book sales dropped and toilet paper sales rose.

Fast-forward to my neglected email and that wake up call (literally!) I didn’t want to approve the proofs, I wanted a few changes made. Trying so hard not to come off like the bridezilla of the publishing world, I passed on 700 words of notes of a 600 word picture book. Yeah, I tried real hard!

But seriously, because I had been out of communication there was a lot I had to say. Sooooo… make a whiny story come to an end, I received a stay of execution. The book’s release date is now moved to a farther date and I can now go into the proper stages of panic as we get this book launched.

PS. You’re sure to love Nanda’s illustrations, they’re adorable!

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